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WhoIs Service
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Imagined Cities
WhoIs Services, in particular
URL Geographical Location
are queried from the next databases:

Non-military and non-US Goverment domains
European IP Address allocation
Asia Pacific IP Address allocation
American Registry for Interenet Number

Applet URLInfo

Servlet URLInfo
   Traceroute Servlet
   Traceroute List. Backbone Maps List
Timezones Servlets

   The Applet URLInfo fetches the next information about URL: IP Addresses corresponding to the given URL, HTTP Server Type ( see, for example,  list of  HTTP Servers ), WhoIs Info including the possible server geographical location. If your browser doesn't support the Java or resides behind the firewall use the Servlet URLInfo !    
Java Servlets are server-side applications that maybe the best thing that has ever happened to Java. You needn't Java on the browser side! So, go to the Servlet URLInfo . It fetches the same information related to URL: IP Addresses, HTTP Server Type, WhoIs Info.

   The geographical location of URL in Internet and related issues are discussed, for example, in the article Analysing the Geography of Internet Address Space  or on the site Cybergeography. I have collected some popular USA's sites using so known collections as 100hot Wisecat ZDnet  and some other sources.
   The information related to the geographical location of these USA's sites is found by the Applet URLInfo  and the Servlet URLInfo.  The WebServers Statistics contains the histogram describing the distribution of HTTP Servers. Apache Server is the leader - 36%, Netscape Server - 34%, Microsoft-IIS - 18%, all other HTTP Servers together (there are 15 servers in the my list) take 12%. I didn't found information about WW and Yug HTTP Servers. Maybe it's just a joke?

Producer Consumer View
Thread Monitor View
Sender/Receiver, Asynchronous and Synchronous layers, Publish/Subscriber
Patterns: Producer-Consumer, Half-Sync/Half-Async, Model-View-Controller

   Traceroute program lets us to see the route of IP datagram which follows from one Internet host to other.  There are many traceroute services on the Internet that lets us to trace datagramm passing through the Web from different places. See, for example,  Index of Traceroute Web Servers ,  Traceroute Gateway ,  Multiple Traceroute ,  Geektools Traceroute or  Traceroute List.
     Traceroute servlet uses JNI (Java Native Interface) because the communication engine is written by C. The further information about JNI see on the RingLord Technologies site or in the Essential JNI book by Rob Gordon. Some others Traceroute tools using Java may be found on the  Traceroute Animation and  Visualroute  sites.
     The WhoIs and the Traceroute  are known also as the tools in reducing the volume of spam you receive:   Death to Spam,   SPAM Acumen.

   The Traceroute List and Backbone List conains links to more then 170 Traceroute Servers and more then 30 Backbone Maps sites. Tracerourte List is ordered by states. About 30 states of the world provide the traceroute service and approximately 10% of Traceroute sites provide the addition traceroute information concerning the ASN (Autonomous System Number). Cybergeography news maybe found on the Cyberspace Directory and on the SLAC. A backbone can span a large geographic area. The connection points are known as network nodes or Internet eXchange (IX) points. These points also known as a Network Access Points (NAP) see on the Telegeography Resource. The list of Looking Glass Sites and AS queries on the Routing Arbiter DB are provided by Merit Network, Inc.

TCP Protocol. From PSH to ACK
TCP Connection, TCP Termination
  Seven TCP Timeouts
Acknowledge Mechanisms
Nagle Algorithm,  Sliding Window,  Fast Sender Example, Silly Window Sindrome, Slow
Start, Elephant,  Congestion Window, TCP segment, Max Segment Size,  Urgent Mode,
Out-of-band Concept,  Congestion Avoidance,  Fast Retransmit, Fast Recovery,
Explicit Congestion Notification,  Bandwidth-Delay Product, Fields of TCP Options

   What is the local time? For the answer see, for example, the page Local Times Around the World. The current time is available for 618 cities on the Time Zone Page. The terms Meridian, GMT, UTC are discussed on the Time Zones,  GMT ot UTC?  The Servlets USATime,  EuroTime and AsiaTime deliver the local time for the given set of USA's, European or Asian Capitals. The servlets use several Network Time Servers like "". The addition reference information about USA's, European and Asian states see on the Yahoo Regions Directory or on the National Geographic Atlas. Flags of All Countries are, for example, on the Theodora Server. EuroTime and AsiaTime also deliver the European domain names. Internet Domains information is accessible on the Ripe Domains,   Internet Domains . Note, that the WhoIs Services return the domain name for the given URL. Please, don't confuse some pairs,for example, VA (USA, Virginia) with VA (Europa, Vatican) or FL (USA, Florida) with FL (Europa, Finland)... There are some timesones with 0.5-hour difference. Don't wonder. Burmese, Timphu, New Delhi, Tehran, Kathmandu are all in these timezones, see AsiaTime.

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