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Java Notions Also Known as..., Abbreviations, Notes Links
applet Java program that is run from inside a Web browser
appliances Resources to be managed
BDK Beans Development Kit
EmbeddedJavaTM Similar to other Java platforms
Enerprise JavaBeansTM Java Enterprise APIs:
HotJavaTM HotJavaTM Browser
JavaTM Write Once, Run AnywhereTM
JavaTM 2D API 2D Graphics and Imaging
JavaTM 3D API three-dimensional graphics applications and 3D applets
Java Accesibility Java Accsessibility Utilities
JavaBeansTM Reusable software component
JavaCheckTM Support for Personal Java specification
Java Developer Connections Sun Developer Connection
Java Foundation Classes (JFC)
Java HotSpotTM Java HotSpot Virtual Machine Architecture
Java IDL Java IDL adds CORBA capability to Java
Java JumpStartTM CD-ROM Before Java Developer's Companion
JavaOneTM Sun's 1998, 1997, 1996 Worldwide Java Developer Conference
JavaTM Remote Method Invocation RMI,
Java Distributed Object Model
JavaSpacesTM JavaTM Distributed Computing
JavaServerTM Toolkit JavaTM for server side
JavaServerTM Pages Compilation Web Developer can make changes to the server
JavaTM Web Server Servlet API, Page Compilation, Session Tracking and other key features
JAR JAR stands for Java ARchive
Java Compatible Certfication Java Compatibility Kit
JDKTM JavaTM Development Kit
JDBCTM Java Data Base Connectivity JDBCTM Database Access API
JVM JavaTM Virtual Machine
JiniTM Technology Any Device,
Anywhere, Anytime?
JIT compiler Just-In-Time Compiler
JNDI Java Naming and Directory InterfaceTM
JNI Java Native Interface
JMAPI Java Management API,
Sytem, network and service managment API
JRE Java Runtime Environment
JTS Java Transation Service API
JTAPI Java Telephony API
patchlet Patchlet for EmbeddedJava
PersonalJavaTM New Java Application Environment
Pure JavaTM 100% Pure Java Certification
scriptlet Any valid Java code inside a
< % and a % >
servlet JavaTM Servlets
Goodbye CGI Say Hello To Java Servlets
Signed applets Trusted applets
SQLJ Embedded SQL for Java

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