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Linux on Imagined Cities
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Linux on Imagined Cities
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Linux on Imagined Cities

  Linux on Imagined Cities

  Linux on Imagined Cities

  Linux on Imagined Cities
RedHat Explains It All...
Redhat has estimated that today there are tens of millions, of keen users of the Linux operating system. "...we are confident Linux will enjoy long-term success." Reasons for Linux. RedHat Explains It All...
"We find the most exciting part of our adventure with Linux to date is less the success we are enjoying than the element of helping to establish a whole new software development model."

Larry Ewings's Dancing Penguins

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Larry Ewing's Linux Penguins.
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  From the Linus Torvalds letters:
"I couldn't for the life of me remember when it all happened, and I don't keep a diary, so I can't give you any exact dates for when linux "was born". But I did start to wonder, so I started ftp'ing around for archives of the comp.os.minix group (where I announced it), and this is what I came up with (with some editing)."
"...Judging from the post, 0.01 wasn't actually out yet, but it's close. I'd guess the first version went out in the middle of September -91. I got some responses to this (most by mail, which I haven't saved), and I even got a few mails asking to be beta-testers for linux."

Why consolidation is coming to Linux World?
"REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., July 21, 1998 Oracle Corp. today announced that it will be porting Oracle8, the industry's leading database, and Oracle Applications to the Linux operating environment."
"Somers, New York, December 7, 1998 IBM today announced DB2 Universal Developerís Edition Version 5.2 for Linux beta will be immediately available for download. IBM also announced that Net.Data Version 2 for Linux beta code is also available download from the same site."
" Adaptive Server Enterprise is now available on the Linux operating system - for FREE. By porting ASE to Linux, Sybase provides the Linux development
community with the first highly scalable, high-performance database engine available for the platform."
"Linux bandwagon gains Compaq".  Compaq will start selling Linux-installed servers in the U.S. shortly. These systems will run Red Hat, as a result of a partnership with that company. This changing, with Compaq on board and IBM and Dell Computer Corp. also offering custom Linux systems.
Dell NeoMagic Open Group Corel Intel Netscape HP Silicon Graphics Informix are moving into Linux. See Linux World's 1998 in review. Sun opens up the Java license and announces support for Linux on UltraSparc systems.
GNU Project had been working since 1984
Richard Stallman is the founder of the GNU project, principal author of the GNU C Compiler, symbolic debugger (GDB), GNU Emacs, and various other GNU programs."...the version of GNU which is widely used today is more often known as "Linux",
and many users are not aware of the extent of its connection with the GNU Project". Linux and the GNU Project
"The system in which Linux is typically used is a modified variant of the GNU system--in other words, a Linux-based GNU system. Linus Torvalds set out to write a Unix-like kernel (Linux); Donald Knuth set out to write a text formatter (TeX); Bob Scheifler set out to develop a window system (X Windows)."

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