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Multiple Traceroute
Yahoo List
Wowarea List
Traceroute Servers
Ryston Traceroute List
CWI Traceroute list
Traceroute Tools
Lynx-Friendly Index
TEN-155 Points
DKRZ Traceroute
lets us to see the route of
IP datagram that follows
from one host to other.
The first implementation
of Traceroute belongs to
Van Jacobson. He wrote
it from a suggestion by
Steve Deering. Some
details about traceroute
and other network tools
are on the Lawrence
Berkeley National Lab

which last 25 years Van
Jackobson worked for.
In October, 1998, he left
LBNL to become Chief
Scientist at Cisco Systems.
Other traceroute version
was implemented
by Matt Kimball. MTR
combines features of
the traceroute and ping
programs in a single
network diagnostic tool
and contains also the
graphical version
Ehud Gavron wrote the
traceroute version with
the parallel TTL lookups
and the option to display
ASN. Eric Wassenaar
wrote the traceroute
version that is available here.
Death to Spam
SPAM Acumen
Tracing The Spam
Limiting Spam
Traceroute from TSC
alt.spam FAQ
Header Analysis
Spam Tracking Page
net.demon features
Stupid URL Tricks
MCI's Anti-Spam
is to use TTL field (time-
-to-live) in the IP header.
See Tracing the Path of
a TCP/IP Packet
ICMP protocol and TTL
feild. Router that gets
the datagram decrements
TTL by one, so the TTL
becomes a hop counter.
For some details about
traceroute algorithm see
How traceroute works.

Transpacific Network
Privacy Analyses
Information Presentation
Event management
Art Of Tracerouting
Mapping the Internet
ACES Research

Diagnostic tools
Neoworx Tools
End-to-end Monitoring
Tracing Paths
Tool Taxonomy
Visual Traceroute
Traceroute Animation
Routing & Debugging

   A backbone is a set of
paths that (LAN) local area
networks connect to for
long-distance connection.
A backbone employs the
highest-speed transmission
paths in the network. A
backbone can span a large
geographic area. The
connection points are
known as network
or telecommunication
data switching exchanges
(DSEs). A backbone is
another term for bus that
connects nodes. A phone
T3 is used
mainly by ISPs connecting
to the Internet backbone
and for backbone itself.
T3 lines sometimes reffered
to as DS3 lines. T3 speed
is 44.736 Mbps ( Megabits
per second). Connection
T1 and T3 are
the American standard,
E1 and E3 are European
standards. T1(DS1) speed
is 1.544 Mbps. Usually is
used for connecting large
company to ISP and ISP
to the backnone. E1 is the
european equivalent of T1,
E3 of T3. E1 connection
speed is 2.048 Mbps, E3
speed is 34.368 Mbps.

IX (NAP) Points

Qwest Network
UUNET, Asia-Pacific

ESNet Backbone
US Domains
ESNet,IP Neighbors
vBNS Network
AT&T 45Mb DS3
Digex 45Mb DS3
Dataxchange 45Mb ATM
Exodus Map
East Central, Qwest
California, Qwest
South West, Qwest

Ebone Backbone Map
Ten-155 Map
Ten-34 Map
Atlas of Cyberspaces
Clickable Map,Europe
UUNET, Europe
ARNES, Slovenia
SANET, Slovenia
EuroRings Map
GARR Map, Italia
ActiveNet, Switzerland

NetVision Map, Israel
ILAN & IBM, Israel
Internet Gold, Israel
Connectivity Map, Turkey
IIJ Backbone, Japan

North America
Qwest, Mexico

South America
RNP Map, Brasilia

Tracerote Protocols: ICMP, IP, UDP Traceroute Servlet
Traceroute List
Traceroute Download
WhoIs Service
URL Geography
WhoIs Servlet
Traceroute Servlet
Backbone Services
Internet backbone providers (IBP) are connected by network access points (NAPs). The largest IBPs are AT&T, Cable & Wireless, GTE, Sprint, Teleglobe, WorldCom (its UUNet subsidiary) and others. In the world, global backbone services are provided by the large U.S. backbone providers, British Telecommunications, France Telecom etc.
TCP Protocol. From PSH to ACK
TCP Connection, TCP Termination
  Seven TCP Timeouts
Acknowledge Mechanisms
Nagle Algorithm,  Sliding Window,  Fast Sender Example, Silly Window Sindrome, Slow
Start, Elephant,  Congestion Window, TCP segment, Max Segment Size,  Urgent Mode,
Out-of-band Concept,  Congestion Avoidance,  Fast Retransmit, Fast Recovery,
Explicit Congestion Notification,  Bandwidth-Delay Product, Fields of TCP Options

    Dove Traceroute Gateway (Adelaide,, Apache/1.3.6)
Escape Net (Kenwick,, Apache/1.1.1)
Telstra Net (?,, Apache/1.3.9)
Telstra Net (?,, Apache/1.3.9)
Telstra Big Pond Direct (Canberra,
Cyberlink Accsess Systems (?,, Apache/1.3b5)
South Australia's Largest ISP (Flagstaff Hill,, WN/2.0.6)
Satori Traceroute gateway (?,, Apache/1.3.9)
Brisbane Internet Technology (Brisbane,, Apache/1.3.3)
NSW Regional Network Organisation (?,, Apache/1.3.3)

List of other traceroute services, Wantree development
Telecom (Vienna,, Netscape-FastTrack/3.01)
AT Net (Vienna,, Roxen·Challenger/1.3.111)
ISP Austria (?,, Apache/1.2.4)

List of other traceroute services, OOeNET/Austria-ONE
Belgian Research Network (?,, Apache/1.3.3)
Intersight(?,, Microsoft-IIS/3.0)

Exploring the topology of the Internet using WWW traceroute-servers
Rede Internet Minas (Sao Paulo,, Apache/1.3.9) Lirex Looking Glass (Sofia,, Apache/1.3.3) David's Net-Presence (Sherwood Park,, Apache/1.3.9)
Mag-Net Internet (Prince George,, Apache/1.3.9)
University of Toronto, Echo Online (Toronto,, Apache/1.3.11)
Carleton University (Ottawa,, Apache/1.2.4)

TRIUMF Network Monitoring and traceroute resources
CZECH-NET(Praha,, Apache/1.3.6)
Traceroute,, Apache/1.3.9)
Teledenmark Erhverv Data Divisionen (Tranbjerg,, Apache/1.2b8)
Niels Bohr Institute (Lyngby,, CERN/3.0)

MicroLink Online (Tallinn,, Apache/1.1.1)
Estonia-Wide Web (Tallinn,, Apache/1.3.6)
Estonian Telephone Company (Tallinn,, Apache/1.3.6)
Quake Complex (Tallinn,, Apache/1.3.6)
EUnet, KPNQwest Finland (Helsinki,, Apache/1.3.3) Easynet France Web (Paris,, Apache/1.3.6)
CPOD Provider Monitoring (Caen,, Apache/1.3.9)
French engineering school (VilleJuif,, Apache/1.3.1), free domain names (Longpont-sur-Orge (Paris),, Apache/1.3.9)
Oleane Net (Vincennes,, Apache/1.3.3)
Phynet, Institut National de Physique Nucleaire (?,, NCSA/1.5.2)
Internet-Way /UUNet France: (?,, Netscape-Enterprise/2.01c)
M-Net, France Telecom (? ,, Apache/1.2.5)
AFNIC (?,, Apache/1.3.9)

Other traceroute services in France

RADIUS.DESY.DE (Hamburg,, Apache/1.3.4) (Stuttgart,, Apache/1.2.0)
Internet Service Center (Hamburg,, Apache/1.2.5)
Tegtmeyer (Duesseldorf,, Apache/1.3.6)
Online now (Berlin,, Apache/1.3b3)
Lanobis (Braunschweig,, Apache/1.1.3 )
Klammeraffe (Muenchen,, Apache/1.3.6)
Tracer (Karlsruhe,, Apache/1.3.3)
Hongkong Telecom (Hongkong,, Apache/1.3.3) Institute for particle and nuclear physics (Budapest,, Apache/1.3.6) ISnet - Internet a Islandi (Reykjavik,, Apache/1.3.9) (Reykjavik,, Apache/1.3.6)
IBM Israel (Tel-Aviv,, Apache/1.3.6)
Isracom 2000, ISP (Tel-Aviv,, Apache/1.3.9)
ILAN Looking Glass (Jerusalem,, Apache/1.3.9)

Israeli Internet Guide (Forte dei Marmi ,, Apache/1.2.6, AS3269)
Abanet, ISP (Pesaro,, Apache/1.3.3, AS12468)
General Software (Milan,, Apache/1.1.1, *)
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (Bologna,, Apache/1.3.0, AS5441)
Primopiano, ISP (?,, Apache/1.2.5, AS1267)
Traceroute from (Tsukuba,, Apache/1.3.9)
The URAWA Internet (?,, Apache/1.3.9)
? (Tokyo,, NCSA/1.4)
Hart Computer (Tokyo,, Apache/1.2.5)
Measurement for APAN (Taejon,, Apache/1.3.4)
BORANet (Seoul,, ? )
PARKS Traceroute (Riga,, Apache/1.3.12) Mazatlan ISP (Mexico,, Microsoft-IIS/4.0) WIND Information Server (Utrecht,, Apache/1.3.4)
UUNET Nederland (Amsterdm,, Apache/1.3.4)
Two companies: One family (Hoofddorp ,, Apache/1.3.12)
National Institute for Nuclear Physics (Amsterdam,, ?)
Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu, National Louis University (Nowy Sacz,, Apache/1.3.9)
Radio Club ARIADNA (Lublin,, Apache/1.2.6)
Relcom (Moscow,, ?)
Novosibirsk University (Novosibirsk,, ?)
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (Novosibirsk,, ?)
Institute of Physics and Technology (Moscow,, CERN/3.0)
Parkline, Internet Monitoring (Moscow,, Apache/1.3.9)
Yaroslavl Computer Networks (Yaroslavl,, ?)
Network Operations Centre (Singapore,, Apache/1.3.9)
Singapore Telecom (Singapore,, Apache/1.3.3)
Premier SA ISP (Pinetown,, Apache/1.3.3) The Ocean System (?,, Apache/1.3.6)
Datagrama (Barcelona,, Apache/1.3.9)
URBAnet, Network Management (Lausanne,, Apache/1.3.9)
Communications Systems Group (Geneva,, Apache/1.3.0)
CIXP-Reflector-Server (Geneva,, Apache/1.2.5)
Swiss Academic & Research Network (Zurich,, Apache/1.2.5)
IP-Plus Internet Services, Swisscom (?,, Roxen·Challenger/1.2)
Fast Internet Services (Lausanne,, Apache/1.2.1)
The Baboon BBS (?,, Apache/1.3.3)
Siconline, Netzwerk Tools (?,, Apache/1.3.1)
Global One Communications (Lausanne,, Apache/1.3.3)
Gerszt Software-Engineering (Zurich,, Apache/1.3.9)
Globacom (?,, Microsoft-IIS/4.0)
EYE Communications, Internet Services (?,, Apache/1.3.0)
ActiveNet Network Managemen (?,, Apache/1.3.1)
Deckpoint (Geneva,, Apache/1.3.9)
Luc de Louw 's Homepage (Winterthur,, Apache/1.3.6)
Nextra (Bern,, Apache/1.3.6)
UlakNet, National Academic Backbone (Ankara,, Apache/1.3.4)
Middle East Technical University (Ankara,, Apache/1.3.6)
School Net (Kiev,, Apache/1.2.6) University, Department of Physics (Glasgow,,, Apache/1.3.1)
Shellnet, Internet Provider (Manchester,, Microsoft-IIS/3.0)
KingFisher Software (London,, Roxen·Challenger)
XCIV.ORG (London,, Apache/1.3.9)
Argus Internet Monitoring Utility (Slough,, Apache/1.3.9)
Newton Solutions, Network Utilities (Warlingham,, Apache/1.3.9)
University of Birmingham (Birmingham,, Apache/1.3.11)
Daresbury Network Monitoring (Warrington,, Apache/1.3.3)

Getnet, Internet Access (Chandler,, Apache/1.3.9)
University of Arizona (Tucson,, Apache/1.3.9)
Opus One (Tucson,, OSU/3.6b)
PCSLink (Phoenix,, Apache/1.3.6)

Voice of America (Santa Clara,, Apache/1.3.6)
Yahoo (Santa Clara,, Apache/1.3.4)
Gem Dot Net, Internet Access (Los Angeles,, Apache/1.0.3)
Network Diagnosis (San Francisco,, NCSA/1.4.1)
JetNet, ISP (Chatsworth,, Netscape-Enterprise/3.0)
Forth Interest Group (Monterey,, Apache/1.3.6)
Foothill.Net (Foresthill,, Apache/1.3.9)
AboveNet (San Jose,, Apache/1.3b3) (San Jose,, NCSA/1.5.2)
Fifi.Org (San Jose,, Apache/1.3.3)
Stanford University (Stanford,, Netscape-Enterprise/3.0K)
Best Internet Communications (Mountain View, (14)(12), BESTWWWD/2.4) (Mountain View,, BESTWWWD/2.4)
4CNet (Los Alamitos,, Apache/1.3.4)
International Computer Science Institute (Berkeley,, NCSA/1.5.1)
Berkeley Lab Networking (Berkeley,, Netscape-FastTrack/2.01)
Energy Sciences Network (Berkeley,, Netscape-Enterprise/3.6)
San Francisco Online (Sacramento,, Apache/1.2.5) (Marina del Rey,, Apache/1.3.9)

Stanford Iniversity, NLANR intersite Active Measurement Program

Lyceum Support Tools (Atlanta,, NCSA/1.4.2)
Southern CrossRoads (Atlanta,, Apache/1.3.1)
Courtesy of Lotus Productions (Atlanta,, Apache/1.3.3)

Hawaii's Award Winning Internet Service (Elmsford,, Apache/1.3.3)
Wurldlink Corporation (Honolulu,, Apache/1.2.6)

netINS backbone (Des Moines,, Apache/1.3b3)

Fermilab, High Energy Physics (Batavia,, Netscape-Enterprise/3.6)
Mathematics and Computer Science Division (Argonne,, Microsoft-IIS/4.0)

AcadiaNet (Ellsworth,, Apache/1.3.3)

This site, URL Geography (Hyatsville,, Apache/1.3.6)
Department of Energy (Germantown,, NCSA/1.5.2)
ABSnet, Internet Services (Baltimore,, Apache/1.3.6)

Big-Screw.MIT.EDU (Cambridge,, Apache-SSL-US/1.0.3)

Novagate Communications (Grand Haven,, Apache/1.3.6)

Socket Communications (Columbia, , Apache/1.3.12)

Novia Internetworking (Omaha,, Apache/1.3.9)

New Mexico
New Mexico Technet (Albuquerque,, Netscape-Enterprise/3.5.1G)

North Carolina
Internet Solutions (Research Triangle Park,, Apache/1.3.3)

Willamette Valley Internet, ISP (Eugene,, Apache/1.3.9)

Stargate (Erie,, Apache/1.3.6)
PlantageNet (Doylestown,, NaviServer/2.0)
Carnegi Melon Network Group (Pittsburgh,, Apache/1.3.6)
Trio Networks (Bethlehem,, Apache/1.3.11)

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Internet Corp. (San Juan,, Apache/1.3.6)

Illuminati Online, ISP (Austin,,(39),(21), Apache/1.3.9)
Fmp Computer Services (Austin,, Apache/1.3.3)
Texas A&M University System (College Station,, WN/2.2.6)
A&M University, High Energy Physics (Prairie View,, Apache/1.2.5)
Hexillion Technologies (Arlington,, Microsoft-IIS/5.0)

Calweb, SkyLynx Company (Salt Lake City,, Apache/1.3.9)
Internet Servers, Web Hosting (Highland, UT, Apache/1.2.6,

UUNET Web Hosting (Fairfax,, Apache/1.3.9)
USA domains, Web Hosting Provaider (Alexandria,, Apache/1.3.4)
Global One (Reston,, Apache/1.0.2)

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (Richland,, Apache/1.3.6)

University of Wisconsin (Madison,, Apache/1.3.6)

1. The symbol means the traceroute only for the site you run your browser from.
2. The symbol means the traceroute have the
ASN (Autonomous System Number) option.
3. For each traceroute sites the probable geographical location, the IP address and the Web server name are given in brackets.

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