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    The URLInfo Applet connects to URLInfo Server and fetchs the next information about URL:

It's not 100% authentic information that applet delivers. I tried it for many URLs and usualy it's successful, but not 100%. For example, Yahoo doesn't returns the HTTP Server type. Ask Yahoo why it's so firewalled.

Your Browser hasn't Java support.
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Insert URL you interested in, for example, and press Get Info. Please wait for response. You can see intermediate results in the status field. To close the connection with URLInfo Server press Clear and try again to change URL or to press Get Info.

To get WhoIs Services , in particular URL Geography Location, the URLInfo Applet queries four database:
Non-military and non-US Goverment domains
European IP Address allocation
Asia Pacific IP Address allocation
American Registry for Interenet Number

For more details about WhoIs Services see here

This Java Applet is implemneted by Rafael Stekolshchik
Please email me, if any URL has got unsuccessful response.
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