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Probable geographical
News and games Apache/1.2.6
Naples, FL
Netscape Main Site Netscape-Enterprise/2.01
Mountain View, CA
U.S. House of Representatives Main Site Netscape-Enterprise/2.01
Washington, D.C.
More popular Web sites
Sunnyvale, CA
Search Engine Microsoft-IIS/4.0
Santa Clara, CA
Cutting edge of technology
Apache/1.2.4 HotWired/1.2
San Francisco, CA
IBM Main Site Domino-Go-Webserver/4.6
Armonk, NY =

Real Time Chat "I Seek You"
Apache/1.3.0 (Unix)
Sterling, VA
Internet Movie Database Apache/1.3.3-dev (Unix) mod_perl/1.15_02-dev
New Berlin, WI
Imagine Games Network Netscape-Enterprise/3.5.1C
Brisbane, CA
Search Engine
Santa Clara, CA
E-Mail Services
Apache/1.3.1 (Unix)
Denver, CO
Find people, places and things Unknown
Seattle, WA
Weather, travel, health Netscape-Enterprise/3.0K
Billerica, MA
J =

Main Java site ( of SUN, Inc. )
Palo Alto, CA
Java Web Server site ( of SUN, Inc. ) JavaWebServer/1.1.1
Palo Alto, CA
Make life easier and/or more intersting NCSA/1.5.2
Highland, UT
Oficial Leonardo DiCaprio Homepage NCSA/1.4.1
Marina del Rey, CA
Greate site of link exchanges Apache/1.3.0 (Unix)
Mountain View, CA =

Lots of Linux news Apache/1.3.1 (Unix) mod_perl/1.15
Redwood City, CA
Expolring World - Searchable index Apache/1.2.1
Santa Clara, CA
Search Engine Netscape-Enterprise/3.52
Santa Clara, CA
Online home for Mac enthusiasts Netscape-Enterprise/2.0a
Brisbane, CA
Advanced Web animation products MMApache/1.3 (Unix)
Santa Clara, CA
Worldwide E-mail Solution WW
Santa Clara, CA
The Official Site of Major Leaque Baseball
Lowell, MA =

Mapquest Word Atlas Netscape-Communications/1.1
Denver, Colorado
Magellan Internet Guide Netscape-Enterprise/2.01
Mountain View, CA
Collection of free medical information avilable on the Web Netscape-Enterprise/3.0I
New York, NY
Main Site of America Online
NaviServer/2.0 AOLserver/2.3m3
Reston, VA
Microsoft Home Page
Redmond, WA
Search Engine Apache/1.3.12
Wingham, Ontario, Canada
Download songs from the net, high quality sound Apache/1.3.1 (Unix)
San Diego, CA
The Microsoft Network site
Redmond, WA
NBC news audio headline
Redmond, WA
MTV online Home Netscape-Communications/1.1
New York, NY
Sony Music Entertainment Netscape-Enterprise/2.01
Santa Clara, CA
Get only news you want Unknown
Mountain View, CA

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